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How do I begin a call?

– Select the number you want to call directly from your contact list OR enter it manually by selecting the “Open Keyboard” option; – if you prefer to write, insert the first message and click on the ‘launch call’ icon in Text mode. Pedius will read the message to your contact using an artificial voice; – if you prefer to speak, click on the ‘launch call’ icon in Voice mode and begin the conversation using your voice.

Can I call abroad?

Currently with Pedius it is possible to make calls in and to the following countries: Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Austria.

Can I make emergency calls?

We currently do not support emergency calls.

Can I receive phone calls through Pedius?

With the basic version of Pedius it is not possible to receive phone calls. However, it is possible to purchase a personal telephone number that allows both incoming and outgoing calls through the Pedius app. For more information, please contact us.

Can I save conversations?

For privacy reasons it is not possible to save conversations. However, it is possible to select and copy desired messages.

What are the partner services?

In-app you can find a list of services that are accessible and free for all Pedius users.

How much does it cost to call a partner service?

All Pedius users can call all services for free.

Which number will appear to the person I call?

The person who receives a call from Pedius will see our switchboard number, OR the number assigned to you at the time of purchase. For more information on purchasing a personal number, visit our offers page.

How can I download Pedius?

Pedius is available on the Google Play Store and on the App Store, just search for it on your mobile phone or tablet and begin the download.

How can I register with Pedius?

Open the Pedius app and click “Register”. You may register with Google, Facebook, or personal e-mail.

How can I register with Pedius using my Facebook account?

Once the app is open click “Register”, then click on the Facebook icon and link your account to Pedius.

How can I register with Pedius using my Google account?

Once the app is open click “Register”, then click on the Google icon and link your account to Pedius.

How can I register with Pedius using my personal e-mail?

Once the app is open click “Register”, then insert the required information (e-mail and password) and press the button to complete the registration.

How can I login to Pedius?

Once you have registered, simply enter your credentials OR login using your Facebook, Google, or other personal e-mail account.

How can I recover my password?

If you have lost your credentials open the app and click “Forgot password?”. By inserting your e-mail you will receive instructions to change your password.

How can I change the language of a call?

From the Settings menu, go to “Call Language” and select the language you wish to use during the call. You can also change the language from the call screen: after selecting your contact, click on the relevant icon (near the contact’s number) and change to your desired language.

How can I create new pre-written messages?

From the Settings menu, go to “Text Templates” and add your message from the icon – found at the top right- and click save. You can also save new pre-written messages from the call screen: after selecting your contact, write your message and click on the star to save it.

What is the “Incoming Messages” setting?

With the “Incoming Messages” setting you can select two different ways to view the messages you receive. As default, it is set to “Real-time composition mode” which allows you to see messages progressively as they are spoken, making the call smoother. If you do not want this setting, simply switch the button to the “off” mode.

Which payment methods does Pedius provide?

It is possible to purchase additional minutes or the Unlimited plan using PayPal or pay directly with a credit card.

How much does it cost to make a call?

Pedius users will have 20 free minutes every month to make phone calls to all landlines and mobile numbers. For additional minutes, Pedius offers different packages that are available to purchase, for more details visit the offers page.

On which devices does Pedius work?

Currently it is possible to use Pedius on all Android (4.0.3 version and up) and on iPhone iPad (9 iOS version and up) devices.

Why do I have to update the latest version of Pedius?

The latest update that is released includes all the new features of Pedius, it is also safer and ensures greater functionality of the application.

Does Pedius work with 3G, 4G and WiFi?

Yes, you can use Pedius on 3G, 4G, and Wifi networks. Using the app on 3G or 4G networks may incur provider costs for data usage.

How can I manage my personal data?

For more information write to If you want to request a cancellation of your account, please send the following email form, filled in, to

object: revocation of personal data

For the attention of Pedius s.r.l.

The undersigned – Name and Surname – hereby requests the cancellation of all personal data relating to your account – email – pursuant to art. 17 of the new European regulation on privacy. With this request you also declare complete awareness that this action will result in the cancellation of your Pedius account.

In faith,

Name and surname

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