PEDIUS education

Lessons subtitled in real time for full accessibility in universities and schools.



Students who are deaf or have SLD are not always able to actively partecipate in lessons. Pedius Education offers real-time subtitles in universities in order to make education equal and accessible for all students. 


Automatic subtitles to follow lessons in real time.


A specific font to improve readability and study.


Subtitles to better follow the lessons, also in one's mother tongue thanks to automatic translations.


Thank to Artificial Intelligence, Pedius Education also offers support to the teacher with the automatic creation of concept maps and the possibility of adding notes and comments in order to be able to analyse the lesson and extrapolate useful elements and highlights to be reused later as slides or handouts. 

  • How does the service work?

    Using Pedius Education is very simple! The student will be equipped with a tablet and a bluetooth microphone. Simply make sure to connect the microphone to the tablet via Bluetooth and hand it to the teacher, open the Pedius Education app on the tablet and start recording the lesson. In real time, transcripts of what is being said in the classroom will appear on the screen.

  • What can I find in the 'Live Lessons' section of Pedius Education?

    In the Live Lessons section, you add (or choose) a course to follow. Once the recording has started, subtitles of the live speech begin. The student can start, stop or pause a recording whenever he/she wishes.

  • What can I find in the 'Courses' section of Pedius Education?

    In the Courses section, you can find the history of lessons taken, recent lessons and folders for individual courses added. Each lesson can be saved within a Course and can be renamed and moved within other folders for more orderly management of all lessons.

  • Why is it useful for deaf students?

    With Pedius Education, deaf students can read in real time the transcript of everything that is said in the classroom by the lecturer and actively participate in the lesson.

  • Why is it useful for students with SLD?

    Lecture transcripts are saved for later re-reading for study purposes. Concept maps of lessons can also be automatically generated. In addition, it is possible to use the highly readable readme © font and choose the font size or screen contrast.

  • Why is it useful for foreign students?

    Foreign students can choose whether to read the transcripts in their mother tongue, thanks to automatic translations, or to have visual support in the language of the host country with the aid of subtitles.

  • Why is it useful for teachers?

    Thanks to AI, concept maps and key words can be automatically extracted from lecture texts, and notes and observations can be added in the margins that can then be reused for future use as slides or handouts.

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