Pedius offers companies with deaf employees specific services capable of guaranteeing inclusion and communication, supporting a comfortable and productive workplace for employees.

How to guarantee the integration of Deaf employees

The activation of call conferences, combined with incoming and outgoing calls, allows for more active participation of deaf employees, improving integration in the workplace and ensuring consistent efficiency in every working context, thanks to the use of services via web, tablet, and smartphone.

Conference Call

Support and Integration with Skype for Business. Through the web interface and mobile app it will be possible to participate in conferences, as transcribed subtitles are received in real-time.

Incoming Call

Activation of a telephone number for each Deaf employee with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls that are also accessible from the web. While receiving a call, mobile devices will vibrate and activate a camera flash while a notification will appear on the PC screen.

Additional services

Alarm Notifications
Live Subtitles
Pedius also offers companies the opportunity to activate two additional services that guarantee inclusion. The alarm service activates a series of visual notifications on the mobile devices of the deaf employee, who will thus always be aware of any emergency situations; while the live subtitle service allows deaf employees to participate independently in training courses by reading the transcription of the speaker’s voice in real time.

ENEL when work integration is guaranteed

Enel, which has always been committed to diversity and inclusion, as well as having activated telephone assistance services for its deaf customers, has wanted to provide all its deaf employees spread across the Italian territory of the job inclusion service offered by Pedius. […]