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With Pedius accessibility begins at the call center!
Finally, also your company’s Deaf clients will have the possibility to contact customer service by phone.

How It Works

Pedius utilises voice synthesis and recognition technologies to transform written conversations into a real-time phone call.

Pedius Facilitates Accessibility

No adjustment costs
Conversations in real-time
Service Personalization
In-App there is a list of partner services reachable by phone for Pedius users. Each service is customised according to the needs of the company AND does not require any changes to existing infrastructure: operators will answer calls normally and conversations with users will be in real-time.

Personalised Service

We organize your services for users
We request useful company data from users
We put your company information into the app


Pedius offers special services to companies for integration and communication in the workplace. The activation of call conferences, combined with incoming and outgoing calls, allows for more active participation of Deaf employees, improving integration in the workplace.

How to guarantee the integration of Deaf employees

Conference call
Incoming call