Protezione Civile Roma

“Thanks to this agreement, deaf citizens will also be able to contact the Rome Civil Protection Operations and communicate difficult and uncomfortable situations.”
Startup Italia


How does a city include all its citizens? How can a deaf citizen promptly report an emergency? How can we guarantee equal access to primary services for community security?


These are some of the questions that the Civil Protection of Rome asked and thanks to the meeting with Pedius in November 2016, these questions were answered. In fact, the barrier that separated the Civil Protection Operations and the deaf community has been demolished, and deaf people can finally report situations of danger or distress for themselves and for the whole community, autonomously.

Thanks to the collaboration between Pedius and the Civil Protection of Rome, today deaf people are included in the urban context, feeling confident that they can report their difficulties at any time.

“We concern ourselves with having a smart city and a city is not smart unless it is inclusive. We can not exclude anyone because of the digital divide that exists for a thousand reasons, economic and social, but also to those with disability”
Flavia Marzano
Ass. Roma Semplice

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