Guida IOS – US

Introductory Guide to Pedius – iPhone&iPad

This guide is also available for Android
Is this your first time using Pedius? Don’t worry, it’s easy! All you have to do is download Pedius from the AppStore and sign in with Facebook, Google or with your email address. In this guide we will explain how to download and install Pedius on your device and how to sign in for the first time.

How to download the latest version of Pedius

Go on the AppStore and search for “Pedius”
or open here (if you’re using an iPhone or iPad)
Press “Install” to begin downloading the app.
Once the installation is complete, open the Pedius app and continue with your first login.

Log in with Pedius

Once the app is open, to begin using Pedius you can register and login with your:
– FACEBOOK account – GOOGLE account – Personal email account
After completing the registration you now have full access and begin calling with Pedius!

Call landlines and mobile with Pedius

After logging in, begin calling with Pedius:

Select the number you want to call directly from your contact list OR enter it manually by selecting the “Open Keyboard” option
If you prefer to write, insert the first message and click on the ‘launch call’ icon in Text mode, Pedius will read the message to your contact using an artificial voice
If you prefer to speak, click on the ‘launch call’ icon in Voice mode and begin the conversation using your voice

How the phone call works

After beginning the call, wait for your contact’s reply. When the contact responds to your call, they will hear the first message you entered or spoke. When your contact replies, their response will be transcribed into real-time text on your screen. In some cases, some alternatives will be shown. If the message is not clear you can use the ‘R’ to ask your contact to repeat their last message.
During the conversation you can write your messages that will be read in an artificial voice to your contact. If you wish to speak, click the microphone icon found at the bottom right of the screen. The call will proceed normally and you will continue to read responses from your contact in real-time on the screen.