« The first bank in Italy to start a collaboration with Pedius to allow deaf people to access telephone banking services. »
Corriere Della Sera

The challenge

You lose your credit card, call your bank’s assistance and ask for it to be blocked. Nothing could be easier. But think if the person who loses his card is deaf, the question no longer seems so trivial. In this case, unfortunately, the deaf individual will have to physically go to the agency and personally proceed with the request.


BNL Group BNP Paribas noted this gap that prevents a niche of their clients from carrying out daily operations related to their own accounts. So, through its IT Technological Observatory, BNL got in touch with Pedius and activated the services of blocking and unblocking credit and debit cards, commercial information and current accounts, choosing this solution as an open innovation practice. To ensure safety standards, Pedius has developed a cryptographic module considered as safe as a traditional phone call.

With 100% guaranteed security and privacy, BNL becomes the first bank to be accessible by telephone to deaf individuals and opens the door to a new way of communicating with the bank.

« BNL has noticed a vacuum that affected some of our customers and decided to implement the service »
Alessia Castellucci

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